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The Full Suit of Armor is an accumulation of life's answers to everyday issues, as addressed by JAG and that he/she has encountered during his/her walk of life. All good things are gifts worth sharing. It is JAG's hope and wish that those that partake of the fruits of our passion and labor, “The Full Suit of Armor”, find it tasteful and worthy to be shared with those they love.

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Just as GOD lovingly gave me the inspiration to pen such beautiful writings, so too, I lovingly give them to the world.

There are so many forces that operate in our presence that we are aware of and some that we are not aware of but still there.

Life is wonderful and full of memorable moments. Celebrate those moments with our books filled with religious poems that focus on hope, love, life and inspiration.

The Full Suit Of Armor

If there is no GOD, then Life is meaningless, and we live simply to die. If there is no GOD, then there is no reason for all our questions, of Why? JAG has been told that since the dawn of Reasoning, man has asked questions.

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How To Say I Love You

This book consists of romantic, Christian love poems.

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You'll love our collection of religious poems.

Secrets I Must Tell

This spiritual book consists of poetry, which deals with the inner thoughts of the writer. It is the writer hopes that when you read the poems you will be able to share his hunger, his pains, and his love.

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