JAG F PRESS consists of the printing works and services along, with the writings provided by JAG and others. Since our Flea Market days, we have produced products, such as bookmarks, framed poetry, posters, booklets and more. We provide personal Desktop Publishing services for those in need, completing jobs for obituaries, posters (various sizes) framed and laminated, as well as all types of greeting cards and special occasions banners, business cards and more. Being limited only by our creativity, no job was too small. When asked what JAG stood for we would mention our initials or Jesus and God, and anything that seemed appropriate for the “F” friendly, free, first, favorite or family to name a few. My favorite was “free” all was welcome to freely read the works on display.

We offer a variety of spiritual books, and in them, you will find a variety of spiritual poems about love, life, hope and more. Whether you are looking for poems to inspire and guide you, or you want to celebrate your love for someone special with our Christian love poems, you can rest assured that we have the religious poems for you.